Magnus Gangstad Philter

Welcome to the home of composer and producer Magnus Gangstad.

Magnus started the Philter project in 2004, originally, as an alternate creative outlet to his days in filmmaking. 

The music, naturally, was inspired by film soundtracks, with hints and mixtures of a plethora of different genres. No rules, no limits. The tracks where uploaded to a Norwegian music sharing site. After a couple of years the music had spread all over the world, and reached a sizable audience.

In 2011 he released his debut album “The Beautiful Lies” and what had started out as a hobby of making music, he himself wanted to hear, had turned into a full time musical endevour.

After multiple platinum certified albums and singles, collaborations with the likes of Avicii, Alan Walker, Xploding Plastix and Cliff Martinez, composing for films, games and commercials, as well as directing his own music videos, the Philter projects creative output shows no signs of stopping.

Join the adventure today, the next chapter is coming.

If you need cinematic music and/or original filmatic compositions / a soundtrack made custom for your movie, documentary, game or show, don’t hesitate to reach out with a project description.